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Chaos: to battle or ride the waves?


battle or ride the waves?

Filed under: Chaos — karmen @ just before lunchtime

  Should I battle, or ride the waves? What does that mean?

Ride the waves... but with the preparedness of a warrior.Chaos affects everyone’s life, whether they admit it, or not. If you’ve ever made a plan for anything… a meeting, a birthday party, a moment in the day, chances are, something unexpected happened to change that plan in some slight (or major) way. So, if chaos happens, how do people react? I’ve noticed, that in general, people make the choice to fight against disorder, or to adapt along with the changes: they battle or ride the waves. I’ve found, when asked, most people prefer one or the other. I can’t say either way is wrong, since the outcome is always beyond any of us, but I have found the best strategy is to ride the waves… but it never hurts to be prepared.

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