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what is chaotic utopia?

January 08, 2006


 What is a chaotic utopia?

reflecting lotusSince ancient times, mankind has sought to define some sort of external paradise. Many have searched the Earth for such a place… Was paradise ever found? After reading many a man’s description, I came to realize that paradise was never lost. Rather, like all things, it contained an aspect of chaos. The only way a place could be perfect in the eyes of so many different people would be a complex system, where “value” exists in many forms. In such a system, small differences in these “values” would make large differences for the whole. The system would be constantly changing, seeking better, or more successful patterns of value… evolving. In this paradise, the Catholic pope knows what is good, or what is valued. In this paradise, the medicine man of an aboriginal tribe, who stuffs a paste made of dead bees up his dog’s behind to ensure success in the annual turtle hunt, knows what is good, or what is valued. You, as you make decisions about what to eat, or wear, or when to help your neighbor, know what is good, or what is valued. In this paradise, goodness or value exists in many states, simultaneously, like Schrodinger’s cat. This paradise, a chaotic utopia, is the world we live in. We need look no further.