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In 2005, I began ChaoticUtopia.com as a repository of art, science, and philosophy. It was a lark, a hobby... a place to put mental detritus and nothing more. As you might expect from the site's title, my interests included chaos theory and ethics. Time held my fascination as well, especially when it came to looking at the future. I had many ideas and many questions. These were thrown together in a sort of hodge-podge theory that explained how everything fit together. As wonderful (or arrogant) as that sounds, I considered it essentially worthless. Sure, there were compelling connections, but overall my ideas were too meta, lacking any apparent applications. I was doomed to become a philosophy major. 

This website saved me. Along with my usual bits of poetry, prose, and art, I practiced science writing. To my surprise, folks liked it. I moved over to ScienceBlogs.com to write to a wider audience. I decided to major in environmental science, putting philosophy on the back burner. Then a strange thing started to happen. My curiosities about the surrounding landscape led me to my most-hated subject in school: history. Strangely, this turned out to be the ideal place to use the theories I once considered worthless. Looking into the patterns of distant and recent pasts, we can find pragmatic approaches to modern environmental issues. With this in mind, I'm working to get a certificate from CU Boulder's Center of the American West. Their slogan? 

"Turning hindsight into foresight."

History, meet the future. Science, meet philosophy. The world? It's in our hands.

-Karmen Franklin

The Arrow of Time

historical patterns and predictions

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Dynamic Landscapes

ecosystems and development

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Chaos Theory

complexity arises from a sensitive dependence on initial conditions

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Boundaries and Categorization

natural complexity and the utility of artificial distinctions

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the tangibility of awareness and intelligence

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To Battle or Ride the Waves

survival in the face of the unexpected

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