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Robots as Mothers?

February 23, 2006

I wanted to share this odd little snippet I ran across last week, while looking for pictures of robots for my son. The Pregnant RobotTitled “The Pregnant Robot“, the near H.R. Giger-ish image really caught my eye. Then, the accompanying story struck me both as a mother and as a lover of robots and science fiction.

A tidbit:

She’s no robo-cop. She’s no Schwarzenegger. A pregnant robot? The mother might be hardwired for the millennium, but the android baby is taking us back to good old-fashioned human flesh. Like an amniotic crystal ball, perhaps the baby is telling us about our future. Not the future virtual, but the future terminal.

Why can’t robots have children?

Via Hacking the Future, who gives credit to Arthur & Marilouise Kroker for the stories. The site didn’t seem to give much other citations for the story or image than these names, and some of the links on the page don’t work. I suspect it might be a little old. If anyone has run across this before, and might know how to find a more current contact, please let me know. I’d like to see more from these folks.

One more before I go:

When the machines finally come alive in the form of flesh-eating technology, we will have achieved not only the end of the human body as we have known it and the end of history, but also the end of pregnancy.

Having gone through the ordeals of pregnancy myself, I’m not sure about that… it is one of those gray areas, filled with many ups and downs. There is one particular question I’d raise: Motherhood is quite the learning experience for the human mother; might it be for the robotic mother as well?

Update: This site gives credit of the painting, titled “Introspection“ (1994, acrylic on board,) to Heidi Taillefer of Quebec, and authorship of the commentary to the Krokers. Thanks, Tristan, for the link.