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Pet Peeves

The war is outside, scratching to be let in
Hear it howling all day and night with
Hooks and claws and glowing eyes?
No, please, don’t open the door
I have enough issues already
(I keep them here like pets.)

See, here; this one is green
Watch me change its litter
It needs to have fresh water
At all times; see how it likes
To sleep under the hot sun?
We can’t get it to budge.

Now look; this one is a little queer
You seem surprised that I keep it around
Isn’t that vibrant rainbow plumage
A little over the top? But you know me
I like the drama and siren songs
Feathers; a boa, constricting.

And this one goes out to hunt
But always comes back in
Sometimes taking advantage
Of this liberty, her privilege
Delivers a fresh kill on my step
This morsel she expects me to eat.

There are too many animals in this house
Already; I can’t clean up after them all
And that one isn’t mine; I never fed it
But there it is, tearing up the yard
Digging holes in the landscape
Uprooting our trees and flower beds.

It is easy to forget these cages
Our boundaries just imagined
They’ll keep dragging in the dirt
And pulling out the yarn; shedding
The air everywhere is thick with it
But whose fur is whose?