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Rose Fractal

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, Full Julia set for today's fractalI wanted to do something spring-like for this week’s fractal. Like last week, I decided to use a Julia set. I took a bit of a different angle this time, choosing some softer, graceful circles over stormy, chaotic spirals. That is the beauty of any fractal—change a formula, just slightly, and create an entirely different mood.

I’ll admit, I took a bit more creative license in this fractal—the form is easy to guess, anyways. The bright reds and dragon-like lines are a tribute to my mom, hopefully suiting her tastes.

Today’s fractal is dedicated to all mothers, who probably deserve a thanks every day of the year.

Overlapping layers of rounded edges, surrounded by lacy tendrils (an irresistible embellishment)

And, a similar form; a classic symbol of admiration:

A garden rose, variety called 'Manbo'

A garden rose, variety “Manbo”

 I’ll be honest… this post is about mothers, more than rose gardening. I love gardening, but roses are an enigma to me. It could be the location of my garden, as I’ve tried plenty of other variables, but my blooms seem to suffer. I enjoy the flowers, whenever I get the chance, but they’re usually in the form of bouquets, artwork, or in someone else’s garden.

I can’t even identify the species of Rosa pictured above, as there are around 100 different types. But, as Gertrude Stein repeatedly pointed out, “A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose.” Then again, she died in 1946, and probably never saw the varying complexity of a fractal, either.

Whether we are looking at a rose, or our children, sometimes we have to appreciate the strange diversity we find, as well as the consistency.

Happy Mothers Day!

Fractals created by the author using ChaosPro. Rose image taken by the author.